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Dino/FoojWeek 2 Vote: [link]
DerbyChick   It's no longer accepting votes.
Dino/Fooj   Not sure how that happened, but I've set it straight. Sorry for the trouble!
Dino/FoojSubmit by 10 PM Wednesday night!

Week 2 (Dec 11 and 13) Nomination Form
Nominate by Weds Dec 7, 10 PM PST
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Dino/Fooj   Sorry this is up so late. Get your votes in! I'll share the results with Dan so we can decide if it's best to put the vote in effect on Sunday, or stall 'til Tuesday instead.
dfauss   Thanks so much for putting this up!
RuenHope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
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RuenSWTOR 5.0 Class changes...
News: 5.0 Class Changes
We are still months away from KotET releasing, but here's an early overview of the class changes coming with 5.0. Keep in mind that this is based on an early PT...
nusmeeSorry no none of these links work can you be very explicit about what options to type into mumble after you start it?
nusmeefor some reason muble is not working
dfauss   If you had read below... you need to connect with an IP and the port --[link] port 64494
dfaussIf you can't connect to mumble, use this ip "[link]"
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TerrothGet yourself ready for the first raid boss in Guild Wars 2.
GW2 Vale Guardian Raid Boss Guide - Dulfy
A guide to GW2 Vale Guardian, the first raid boss of Spirit Vale. General Information Gearing and Preparation There are some debates on if full Ascended gear if needed for the firs...
RuenMore Fractal Info...
Guild Wars 2 : The Ultimate Fractal Guide!
Hey guys, what's up? Here's my first ever YouTube video base...
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